71 year-old journalist and owner of Beehive Radio Mam Sonando, and co-convicted Touch Ream and Khan Sovann appeal last year’s court sentence at the Appeal Court.

While hundreds of demonstrators outside the Appeal Court shouted for justice and their immediate release, families of the convicted waited patiently outside the room. Having been in prison since one of his daughters was only a couple of months old, Touch Ream was able to spend some family time while in court.

The three were sentenced last year to 20, five and three years in jail, respectively, for inciting an alleged secessionist movement in Kratie after a land-grab related incident which led to the death of a 14 year-old girl. After a day and half hearing, the court announced the verdict will be given on March 14th.



Mam Sonando’s supporters hold signs against the Appeal Court’s gates in Phnom Penh. Mar 05 2013 ©Erika Pineros


Activist Mam Sonando’s supporter cries for Sonando’s release outside the Appeal Court in Phnom Penh. Mar 05 2013 ©Erika Pineros


Hundreds of people from various provinces joined to demonstrate outside the Appeal Court n support of activist Mam Sonando. Mar 06 2013 ©Erika Pineros


Touch Ream is seen with his family during a break from the hearing at the Appeal Court today. Mr. Ream was convicted and sentenced along Khan Sovann, and Mam Sonando on insurrection charges on September last year. Mar 05 2013. Mar 06 2013 ©Erika Pineros


71 y/o journalist Mam Sonando salutes the press before entering the court room during his appeal. Sonando was sentenced to 20 years in prison on insurrection charges on September last year. Mar 06 2013 ©Erika Pineros


Wife of Mam Sonando’s co-convicted Touch Ream, Ky Kea and her two daughters await outside the court’s room for a verdict. Mr Ream has been imprisoned since his youngest daughter was two months old. Mar 06 2013 ©Erika Pineros


Activist and journalist Mam Sonando is escorted by police out of the court’s room after it was announced the verdict would be announced on March 14 2013. Mar 06 2013 ©Erika Pineros




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