For anyone who knows Phnom Penh, seeing people sleeping in the streets is not a rare sight. At dusk, hundreds of people set up camp for the night gathering in groups to protect themselves. This is the case for most cyclo drivers in Phnom Penh,  one of the communities I have been documenting as part of a larger project on housing conditions in Cambodia.

Here are a few pictures that are part of this project.



Cyclo drivers have a chat sitting on the footpath before getting their cyclos set up to sleep. © Erika Pineros 2012


A cyclo driver sleeps in his hammock set up to a light pole at night. © Erika Pineros 2012


At night, cyclo drivers gather on the same spot to camp in groups and protect better themselves during the night. © Erika Pineros 2012


A man sleeping in his cyclo. Cyclos are not only a source of income, but homes. © Erika Pineros 2012